Mobile LGMV

Mobile LGMV is a maintenance and
troubleshooting tool for Multi V air conditioning systems.

It consists of a wireless communications module and a free smart phone app, available for Android phone and iPad.

Key function

  • 1. Monitoring viewer : Display key information of air conditioner
  • 2. Graph : Display pressure and frequency information of air conditioner in graph
  • 3. Indoor unit operation control : Controls the operating mode of indoor units when the module is connected to the outdoor unit.
  • 4. Save data : Save received air conditioner information as file
  • 5. Test operation report : Receives test operation result and reports in HTML document
  • 6. Error number : Display error number and supports resolution plan for the error number list in PDF document.
  • 7. Smart function (Support for new Multi V products)
    • Installation : Convenience functions when installed the product.
    • Additional Functions : special operation, option set for outdoor & Indoor unit and manual backup.
    • Diagnostic : Using FDD functions.
    • Manual : Providing manuals.
    • Smart Management : Features for App and Product maintenance.

Wi-Fi Module

  • Model Type : LGMV Wi-Fi Module
  • Model Name : PLGMVW100
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