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  • Special Purpose
  • Cornwall
  • Vertical : Special Purpose
  • Location : Cornwall
Proof that LG's exceptional LG Multi V IV Heat Recover VRF units are the perfect response to heating and cooling for large public buildings and offices comes from the installation at the Pendennis Shipyard's offices in Cornwall.

A while back, a decision was made to install a new air conditioning system that would also provide heat for the building and MacWhirter Western Ltd was selected to specify the equipment required.
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  • Background
    Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth is one of the leading specialist shipbuilders in the world. It operates in the 30-100m market. Pendennis has developed a strong reputation for creating custom superyachts that combine technical excellence with stunning design and performance in the sailing and motor yacht sectors. Over the past 28 years, Pendennis has delivered 30 beautifully constructed bespoke superyachts, working with many of the world’s leading Naval Architects and Yacht Designers.
    The company’s site in Falmouth has continually developed in order to offer one of the most impressive tailored superyacht facilities in the world. This includes improving the working conditions of the nearly five hundred people working for the company including those who work day to day in the three storey offices on the site.
  • AC Smart Premium Control
    The system is controlled by LG’s AC Smart Premium touch screen central control. It features a user friendly, high resolution, graphic user interface (GUI) with a 10.2 inch touch screen. Selecting the AC Smart eliminated the need for a dedicated third-party Building Management System (BMS), cutting further cost for BMS hardware and integration. The AC Smart is simple to use and can if required, be linked to a company intranet. It offers the option of remote control too, via the internet.
    It offers a wide range of benefits including the ability to provide statistics including power consumption or actual usage of air conditioners in real time, provides reports including errors in the functioning of the units, and allows you to control and monitor the system from a central unit.
  • LG provides
    LG provided a 100, 160 and 200 ARUB-LTE4 LG Multi V IV heat recovery VRF units providing a total of 128.8kW of cooling to 17 individual indoor 4-way blow cassette units and 9 Energy Recovery Ventilation units across the office. The heat recovery units enable the indoor units of the system to operate independently of each other in either cooling or heating modes – increasing the responsiveness across the floor space. The performance of these VRF units is genuinely sector leading with, in the case of synchronised operation, the total rate of return – both in cooling (EER) and heating (COP) - able to reach 8.5
  • Description
    As is increasingly common these days, in commercial applications where the air conditioning system also doubles up as the heating system, LG has developed an especially efficient way to recover waste heat from a VRF air conditioning system and use it cost effectively and energy efficiently to provide heating and hot water for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, radiators and under-floor heating systems in properties.
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